The fault in our Cinemas

the fault in our stars was incredible, so true to the book and just as moving … its just a pity that we had some fucking slappers pretend crying through the entire film and saying stupid shit such as
“oh he’s so gorgeous! Eugh no I take it back he’s drooling and covered in vomit Lolololol” (yes, they actually said Lol)… 😦
and then LAUGHING and calling the characters stupid retards when they are shown suffering.

If Anyone would’ve laughed At my Mum I wouldnt’ve thought twice about knocking some common sense in to them. Completely Disrespectful!
I know its only a story but it means a whole  lot to people like me who have loved And lost someone so special to them.
It helps them come to terms with the saddening grief that burns a path of destruction in your heart and soul.
It makes them thankful for the time they have had with them.
No matter how short.
What the fuck is this world coming to?!!!?