Terri’s lovely message to me :3

taken from the heart of my spookyleireza

Today it has been five years since I got with Amanda AKA http://naughtybadbread.tumblr.com/

Time fucking flies.


I remember bringing my best friend to meet her.
One day a week or so later they were busy on omegle while I was asleep in the same room the bastards 🙂

I remember meeting her for the first time, but not what we talked about, only the rushed failure of a kiss when she had to leave.

I remember our first kiss, outside the burger king she was working at at the time.
A policeman cheered us on from his patrol car.

I remember when she asked me out properly,
and I remember what our adventure to roundhay park was like as well.
Even after all the arguments and stress,
even after her mum passing and her dad being Ill,
even after our first house had no hot water,
and the next had rats,
and the one after had damp.
Even after all that, I don’t regret a thing. I wouldn’t swap it for the world.


So I’m Currently Reading Sunstone….

For more – http://shiniez.deviantart.com/


Sunstone is the story of Lisa Williams, a fledgling writer who has kept her submissive longings buried for years, and Allison Carter, a dominant woman who has found herself largely isolated from the outside world.Following their relationship from early online interactions to their first meet up and beyond what Sunstone handles impressively is the BDSM nature of their relationship.

Crafting a story based on a lesbian couple with a fondness for bondage and domination makes for a pretty easy target of accusations of sleazy exploitation. The magic of Sunstone is the intelligence, wit and well crafted characters circumvent any such accusations.

What is most surprising is Sunstone is the work of Stjepan Sejic aka nebeziel known for his stunning art on Witchblade, Artifacts and more and his wife Linda Luksic Sejic aka sigeel who handles the writing.

Sunstone was born from a frustration and burn out with the comics industry that Stjepan was working in, primarily that he was drawing other peoples stories and prompted by an earlier experience previous to him making it professionally, he decided start an alias on Deviant Art where he could explore fetishistic images. A series of pin up pieces slowly evolved into what Sunstone is now.

The story doesn’t shy away from the couples sexuality or their love for fetish gear but makes Lisa and Allison complex, alive, flawed and believable characters. It shows that it’s possible to create something about lesbians in a BDSM centred relationship that is sexy and erotic, without reducing them to deadeyed sex dolls.

Whilst it’s currently a webcomic there is a mounting demand for a printed edition.


The words of my heart.

I chose to upload this picture as it is now the Eve of Leeds Pride 2014 and I wanted to share with you all, my beautiful Fiancee.

Leeds pride 2010

Terri-Louise. (Aka @fueledbypixiedust on WordPress.)
One day I will marry her during Summer Solstice in a big field full of our loved ones and most importantly our future.

She is the light of my life, she lubricated the hinges to my rusty neglected heart, reached inside and pieced it back together, carefully studying the holes left by the bad memories.

She encapsulated and protected it, preserving it for five long wonderful years.

My heart may never leave this immaculate condition.

I belong. At last.

Me and my one true love.
Nothing can stop me from being with this woman forever.
I guarantee it.

I love you xxx