Right in the feels :(


Marvelous Kitteh.

Hopefully he will be a New addition to my ever-growing family… but for now,
this is Temporary George.

He will be staying with me and my S.O for a little while, which is upsetting because I’m getting extremely comfortable with him being around.

(we have had him for nearly 3 weeks now) 

george 2 lick


The reason why i said “Temporary George” is not because I plan to slice this kitteh into a thousand pieces in order to have my very own shish kebab set.. NO! he’s probably going to my in laws. I say probably because they have a batshit crazy dog who just wants to jump all over him…as we have already had happen. He’s okay though.

I know what you are thinking and Don’t worry, they are the kindest most gentlest people I know.
They wouldn’t harm anyone or anything, even if you paid them.,

And I would never put an animal in danger. I just love them too much!
I’m a little bit sad that hes probably gonna be leaving, but luckily hes moving in a few streets away! 🙂 so win win, i guess.

I hope i have given him a few memories to go away with.

george 3 - stroke

mind the messy kitty fur on my c.o.d t-shirt, ahem…

Here’s to you, George, for lifting my heavy heart momentarily.

Adorable little buggar.

Ruby will miss being hissed at and patted on the nose and bum.


aw, i really enjoyed that!



Gigi will miss his cuddly buddy, now that you have stopped grabbing his tail.


aw! who’s gonna keep my butt warm now? :((



and Kiki…. well, we tried to get her to be friends with you but shes too damn stubborn.
least now she wont go hide under the TV.


Aww Yiss!! Finally, I get to just stare blankly at everyone again. yaay!



what you got ther? :))))))))




Can’t say we didn’t try and make you feel welcome buddy!