Pre-work rambling…

I’ve recently discovered that I need to be more assertive when it comes to work.


This is me. Being assertive. Ahah.

My boss is an absolute nightmare BUT I have managed to gather some extremely incriminating evidence against him prior to his extensive use of Porn on My work computer on my days off and even as soon as I’ve left the building.

Oh, we aren’t talking about that Vanilla shit men are caught stroking their counterparts to ..ohh no…

This was an extraordinary find!
This  was a list made up of the most random porn searches I have ever seen!
We had transsexuals being fisted, gay chatroom gangbangs, “fillthy dirrty sloppy lesbian sex” and “women orgasmning desperately” through a search engine.. the works.. and one solid crumpled piece of tissue under my chair.


Me and my partner reckon his dicks broken. Ahahaha

Anyways, I was willing to let it slide.. but he turned into an ogre one afternoon and by then I had just about enough of his shit..his word vomit and his mental abuse, we got into an argument and he said some pretty ego damaging things so I got mean and I slapped my metaphorical balls out onto his desk for everyone to see. 
For once.
I’m usually the quiet nice one who cowers at the very thought of confrontation.

So now.. he’s being really reallllllly nice to me and its making me feel like I’m my very Own boss!

I feel wonderful again.
Unbreakable even!
Let’s just hope it stays that way.

In a previous post I spoke about this insane experiment I was going to conduct where I was to change up the colours I wear to work to see if it changes said boss effectively.

(It was to see if the colour blue had a calming effect on him..psychologically.)

And the Result? no. Did it fuck!

If anything he started complaining that “id already wore this top” and then he had the cheek to tell me that I was stinking the room out day after day!

…And just to clarify that was One day a few weeks back when I had no way of getting to work, so I walked and the sun was beating down on me like god knows what..and I made the mistake of Not having any deoderant at hand. Dumdumdum! :O
But yeah despite everything I feel pretty good and knowing I have this power over him ..through no fault but his own forgetting the most important rule if you are gonna be a pervert for the day..

I can’t help but feel infuriated and violated by the simple fact that he’s been looking at hardcore lesbians going at it.. and I am a pretty hardcore lesbian.


Anyways, I have a company to run in a few hours so Amanda.out.