My name: The Her-story.

My name is made up of five different names.

Amanda Jane Charlotte Louise Cooper.

Amanda was chosen by my Dad, so he had something rhymthic to shout to annoy me haha (e.g: Uh Man Duh!) And believe me, it got on my tits.

My sisters All had this problem.


Patricia »


Then there’s Michelle…. She didn’t get teased…Lucky git.

Though the real reason my Dad called me Amanda is because he had a sister called Amanda who died before i was born. He even had a friend who has since passed called Mandy, who worked for Bupa.
I personally dislike my name.. its bland.
And I hate Mandy for short. Call me Manda. Everybody else seems to. 🙂

Jane, that’s a different story. Quite compelling and rather strange.
I had a twin. She didnt make it, but there’s more to that. I might get on that later.
I probably won’t.
Plain Jane.
I cannot stress how much i dislike it to be honest.

Charlotte.. after my grandma.

Louise.. also after my grandma.

And finally Cooper.
Duh, just my surname. Why else?
Amanda Cooper.

So goofy.


11 thoughts on “My name: The Her-story.

  1. Thanks for the “follow” of my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Cheers.

  2. Your father must have thought you were very special to name you after her. Does he ever talk about her? I have a brother-in-law that passed away almost 20 years ago and the family acts like he never existed.

    • He never speaks of her.
      People have a certain way they deal with grieving. This might just be one of those things. Denial for instance..that’s what it could be. I guess I’m kinda special as I’m the last baby out. My mum decided to have me and then get her tubes tied.

      • Have you ever asked about her? You might even ask if you remind him of her. The two of you seem close from your other postings. I miss my Dad but don’t really talk about it much because it would burden others. My youngest is named after him.

      • Oh we have had talks about this, yes.
        I do remind him of her. We are pretty close..but quite rightly our relationship only exists when he needs me to help him or whenever a family members in danger. I live with my girlfriend of five years, four years engaged..and he doesn’t get on very well with it is complicated. I miss my Mum so I know how it feels hun I really do. My sisters newborn has my Mums name as her babies middle name.

  3. Do yourself a favor and call him once a week with some made up excuse about why you need his advise. He will appreciate it more then you know and you will be glad you did when he is gone. Let him know how much your GF makes you happy. Talk about the good ways she has shown her love to you. You could even try having her be nice to him. Let both of them know it is important to you that they get along. That you would like both to be in your life. This is coming from someone that has had to work on this. My mother-in-law and I get along now. Not best friends but we don’t snarl at each other any more.

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