Yayy I’ve reached 100 followers!

Oh man, 100 people are currently following me! It’s such a fantastic achievement haha
I finally got there even though all I ever do is babble on about my adventures in r/l.

I couldn’t be more happier 😀

I love WordPress, its sooo much fun, theres so much to see and learn and relate to!

In the space of a couple of months I’ve found a fair few like minded friends I can really connect with.

Its such a warm welcoming place to share my thoughts and feelings and the beat thing is I’m not getting judged or corrected if and when I make grammatical errors 😀 I’m so thankful guys, Thankyou so much!

(sorry if that last sentence left you outta breath!)

Anyways, to show my gratitude here is a picture of me looking suave 😉


                     Happy Cheeeses!

Manda xx


9 thoughts on “Yayy I’ve reached 100 followers!

    • Aye! It really is 🙂 brilliant time killer too! I considered joining a few years back but I wasn’t sure what to write about and worried it would just make me look dumb, haha. I’ve seen how you get treated on tumblr, imgur and even reddit and I’ve experienced a lot of hate for sharing my opinion and I just got sick of those sites. X

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