George the kitten is finally hiss-free!

So about a month and half ago I decided to extend our little pet family and introduce a tiny kitten to my two cats Kiki and Gigi and big doggie Ruby and at first things were tense.


“who the hell are you? WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOME, BOY!”


“WOAH! Chill out man! We can be friends! Please give me a chance!”


“haha! I’m just fuckin with you Dude.”…


“just don’t touch my stuff yeah?”


“Mkay?!” ^.^ ❤

Gigi immediately became interested.
He taught him how to fight, how to pretend to stretch if he failed to sneak food, they played together every night and quickly became friends.
But Kiki.. she wasn't having Any of it.

There was lots of slapping and hissing and absolutely no affection was felt in poor George's little heart.
Except of course, from us.


But these days.. well.. the evidence speaks for itself!

Take a look at how things are now between them, especially Kiki…the hissiest of them all. It’s remarkable.

She absolutely hated him when he first set foot in this house… Which was to be expected to be honest.
Ah, It makes my heart swell with joy, it really does.


Scrub scrub here…


And a scrub scrub there!


Tum te tum te tum,


La dee daa dee doo!


Yep, definitely progress!


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