Celebrating Five Years of Happiness, Self Appreciation and Security

It’s my Five Year Anniversary and I am pumped! I can’t wait! Granted we have nothing special planned for the day/afternoon or evening, we are just going to stay happily together enjoying eaxhothers company in our little haven surrounded by our lovely pets and relax for a change.

A few years back we had a friend cook us dinner, which was lovely and usually we just go out together somewhere spontaneous.

But you know, I’m happy I don’t need to do all that to impress her, I know she’s mine, and she knows I’m hers and she just appreciates Anything as long as it doesn’t cost us a fortune.

We are Pretty frugal as a couple πŸ˜‰

But this woman means the absolute world to me and I bought her a shiny silver ring with a nice little green studded flower on it..which was a small suprise.
I’ve got something else planned..but its top secret!
I’m a complete sucker for romance and spontaneousness. What can I say? πŸ˜€

Anyways, to celebrate our five years together I wanted to tell the story of how we met and fell in love.

I’ll set the scene – somewhere in August..maybe July 2009. 19 year old.
be me, alone, single since Feb 2009. Sat in my bedroom, browsing facebook and flash games being a complete nerd getting hyped about new games and films that are due to come out.
Pass the time alittle. So I have reason to go to bed early. And probably die alittle more inside.
Notification. Click. Friend request..hmm…Who’s it from? Who is this girl? I’ve never seen that name before in my life. Eh, mutual friends? Hmm.. can’t hurt. Click. Accepted. Instant message. Like literally… As soon as I accepted, she started typing. I got nervous. No.idea.why. make small talk and result in Fantastic conversation. Background history. Likes/dislikes. Smiling. Warm fuzzies. More amazing conversation flow. Moments pass. Then hours. More convos. Kisses…!… (x) …(xx)….each time we replied… (xx) more warm fuzzies. Grinning. I like making new friends. Me being nosey..looking at her photos for a short period of time (i do this a lot more than I should). Aw. She seems nice. Down to earth. Brilliant humor as seen in our convos. Flirting? Are we flirting? Am I flirting?! Shit. I’m being forward without realising it. Best back off so I don’t look.. desperate. I am desperate. I want to talk to this person. I want to flirt with this person. Heart pounds. Flirt for a long time. I want to see this person. I want to hold this person. Heavy eyes. I want to carry on talking to this person, but I have work… Say goodnight. Kisses. Xx log back in. ask where she’s from.

Change into sleepwear. Mind races. Look back at black computer screen. She lives nearby. How the hell have I gone through my life without ever seeing this person? Terri. Oh, Terri. Grinning now. Zzz.

Boy, did it show in public. People would ask knowingly “Have you met someone? You look great!” “not yet I haven’t.”

Look in the mirror at BurgerKing. Wipe said mirror with sanitiser and brown paper. Notice I’m blushing. Smile. Sigh. Fade back into word mode. Bzzz. Look back in mirror for some reason. Notice I’m constantly blushing everytime I get a text/facebook message. Oh god. What am I doing. She probably won’t end up liking me, if we meet. We should totally meet. Reply with just that. “okay xx” grinning now. Fade back into work mode. Mess up fading into work mode. Swoon for a moment. Race home, talk online. Dream pleasantly.

Weeks pass. Conversations are like 1000 word essays. Thoroughly enjoying life right now. Swooning every bzz. Every Boop. Every buh dump. This is amazing. I wonder if she feels the same way. Should I ask her. No. No. No nonono. Too forward. Extra kisses? Xxx. Hehehehehe. giggling like crazy. Alone in my bedroom. Giggling to a computer. But this time I’m not alone. Boop. O.o heart is pounding even harder now. Reply and “xxx”. πŸ™‚ damn. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ❀

9th October 2009. Meeting this person that makes my heart beat faster than anyone has ever made it. Excited.

Work. Text message. Omgomgomg. It’s not her. Yes Yes. Whatever..ill come round to celebrate your shark faced friends birthday and probably end up a drunken mess as always. (Long story short.. Raging alcoholic. Bad times. Felt like I couldn’t stop. So I didn’t try.) Work some more. Bzz. Check phone. Finally. Amazing hilarious conversation. Lets meet tonight. Xxx. πŸ™‚

Dip in to friends house for abit.. head straight to town afterwards. Return to friends house afterwards depending on the night. Perfect. Catch bus. Rain. Daydream on said bus. Smile softly.

Walk to millennium square. See Terri. Melt. Stare. Stop staring. Talk. Talk longer. Relax alittle. Flirt. Flirting increases. Flirt so much we end up holding hands and smiling at each other. Lust. No! No lust, go away. Not right now. Don’t do this to me. I want her. I want her forever. I want to love this person. I can’t stop looking at her. I’m making a fool of myself. Friend of Terris slaps me with wet icy glove. Snap back into reality. Get angry.surpress this. Ow my fucking face. Why. Why the hell would you do that friend of terris. Fuck you man. Take terris hand again. Wlak around for hours. Laugh. Warm up. Pain in face fades. Happiness settles in. Unpacks. Rents my heart. Times getting on. Kiss me. Please. I want you to kiss me. Hold eachother. Much longer than anticipated. Feel warmer. Heat up like a furnace. Heart beats uncontrollably. Butterflies in stomach. Oh god. I’m going to kiss her. Turn head-Both go to kiss each other! Miss completely. Kiss eachothers mouths… Corner.

Cherish. Forever.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Five Years of Happiness, Self Appreciation and Security

    • Thankyou! We had a lovely time doing nothing together haha πŸ˜€ very money saving πŸ˜‰ may celebrate on her birthday instead with some strawberry milkshake Oddka and a parteh!

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