Making Decisions in a Time Machine

If I could alter all my memories
i’ve kept hidden away or shown
Would I take the chance?
leave it all alone,
And continue on with the dance.

If I could make some of it better
Not having to worry if anything changed,
Could I keep my life the way it is
Would I choose to rearrange?

If a time machine existed here
I’d know exactly what I would do
I’d set it right back to my darkest days,
And spend all my time with you.


Would I change the job i’m doing?
The life I’m leading, the emotions I’m feeling?

If life’s taught me anything
The happiness within me’s not worth stealing.
I’d recede, end up peeling
Become evil and deceiving.

To the world i’d be a bitch,
Time’s fabric would drop a stitch.

If I changed the things that happened
you may not end up being mine.
And I just can’t bear the thought of
My entire life being on the line.






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