Wishing I would L-O_O-K my Age.

th welol

I mean why not? When am i gonna Look my age, even when i wear make-up
i look like I’m a 12 year old eagerly trying to get into a nightclub or an 18+ movie. hah.

I suppose for some people its a good thing. Knowing they will never have wrinkles until they are at least 90. (if only eh?)

I’ve decided that in my next life, I’m going to be taller, more imaginative and much more artistic than i already am.
Oh yeah and i definitely won’t have dark circles from the day I was/will be born.
As any of my closest friends know, I’m kinda ashamed of them.. strangers tend to mistake me for a corpse or paint me in a light that says
“whoah! watch out, she’s a motherfucking zombie!” or the classic “Arrgh! take my money, not my children!” ¬¬.

Come on body, Surprise me!


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