Anyone else have a Dog like Mine??



The smartest dog I’ve ever come across.
She can open just about anything! With great ease too.
Not sure how she does it but my cats work with her to open cupboards, fridges, drawers, doors and even screw cap bottles!

She pulls door handles down and at the same time she can yank the door open forward.
She doesn’t seem to be able to open push opening doors though.
When me and my partner Terri went shopping once she managed to pull the slide lock from inside the house and she successfully and quite hilariously locked us out of our own house. Hadn’t even lived there for a month at that time!

we had to get this worker from across the road to pretty much break into our own house then we destroyed the slide lock to prevent it from happening again. šŸ™‚

But no matter how many times i have to block up the fridge-freezer,
take a shovel and jam it in my cellar doors handle and make sure there’s no
washing up to be smashed when we get back from being out,
i will always love this dog.
She’s friendly, loving and very loyal to us and i guess the stress she puts me through sometimes will keep my adrenaline pumping. šŸ™‚


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